Motorised Toilet Lift

for over-toilet or standalone use in any room as a commode.
  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery.

  • Simple easy to use single button operation.

  • Improved indepedence for the user, support for carers.
  • Designed to fit over the majority of toilets.

Eligible for VAT exemption, the price does not include any VAT. We are ordering a small stock of these lifts to begin with - if you would like to be included please get in touch today. Estimated wait 2-3 months.


Why should I get a powered toilet lift?

A toilet lift can help the user gain independence, convenience and improve safety.
Similar to our Riser Recliner chairs the seat assists the user in sitting and standing and reduces the risks of falls and injuries.
Designed to fit over the majority of toilets, this lift will work in most bathrooms. Setup as a commode it can be installed in any location in the home where a bathroom may not be available.
Extending independence is important for many of our customers. The bathroom lift can help reduce the need for additional support. Simple one-button operation.
Reducing the risk of falls and injuries, the lifting seat can make daily life safer for its user.
Includes integrated backrest and additional arm supports.

Toilet Lift Features

Below are a few of the features from our new toilet lift range. 

Designed to fit existing bathrooms.

The seat is designed to go over most existing toilets, replacing the existing seat.

A simple button on the handle lowers the user into position slowly and safely. The same button can then be used to return the user to a near standing position.

The dual motors lift the user carefully, further helping to reduce the risk of falls.

An elegant design, with easy to clean materials and neutral colour scheme allows this mobility aid to fit in with many decors.

Simple One Touch Operation

There are no complex apps, settings or controllers. 

A simple press of the button to move the seat down or up is all that is needed to give convenience and simplicity to the user.

Commode option available.

For users who are unable to use existing bathrooms our lifting seats can be used as a convenient, user friendly commode in any room.

The lithium battery pack can provide over a months of usage on a single charge - enabling the seat to be placed in bedrooms, care rooms or be used for guest stays. 

The compact design, whilst retaining stability and durability enable the seat to be easily moved using the integrated rear castors, yet remain firmly in place with the rubber feet.

A simple to remove commode makes for easy unloading and sterilizing.

Use your existing suite

Once assembled the lifting seat can be positioned over any most toilet basins.
  • Use your existing bathroom suite without paying plumbers.

  • Flexibility to move the seat when required.

  • Can be transported if the user moves home simply and quickly.

  • Ideal for temporary accommodation / guest visits.

  • Lightweight but strong construction.

  • Integrated castors allow the seat to be moved for cleaning.

Removeable Lithium Battery
By using a removeable 24V battery, the powered seat does not require a dedicated power supply in the bathroom - something many UK homes do not have.

A single charge can provide a months use in normal conditions, and is simple to remove and charge.

The seat is IP44 water-proof grade. Lithium batteries last longer and charge faster than older battery technologies.

Additional Features

  • Integrated Backrest
    Increased comfort with the removeable backrest. Suits a variety of toilet sizes.
  • Integrated Arm Rests
    Improved stability with the integrated arm rests. 
  • Optional Extras
    We are adding additional features to our ranges all the time. Locking castors, SOS alarms & spare batteries are all coming to the range soon.

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UK Wide Setup
Wherever you are, we can help get you setup. We use our own team, and 3rd party engineers to help provide our nationwide installation service for those who need it. Get in touch for a quote.
Superb Support
We are only a phone call away.
If you have any questions about purchasing or using this, or any of our products, please get in touch with our team by phone or email.
Delivered To You
We want to ensure you get the most out of our products. You can either have a parcel delivery with DIY setup instructions or we can arrange for an engineer to set up the toilet seat in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help finding an answer to your question? Ask our customer support at
Will this fit my toilet?
The powered lift seat is designed to fit over the majority of toilets. After removing the toilet seat, this riser can be placed over the existing suite. The backrest and armrests provide additional support and comfort to your existing bathroom.

You need to ensure you have ample room around the toilet for the frame to fit.
Do I need power in my bathroom?
The lifting toilet seat uses a Lithium battery pack to provide up to a months normal usage without requiring a charge. When needed the battery pack can be easily removed and placed on charge, keeping the power out of the bathroom.
Can it be used as a bed side commode?
If access to the bathroom is a difficulty, our powered toilet seat can be used in any location thanks to the included commode features. Ideal for placing next to a bed, or where a bathroom cannot be easily accessed.

This functionality also makes this riser a great option for care homes and supported accommodation.
Can the arm rests / back be removed?
The arm rest has extra comfort supports which can be removed, along with the backrest, if required. Whilst we recommend them for comfort it can be beneficial to remove them in certain circumstances such as when additional access is required.
How is the lift installed?
We can provide this toilet seat in either a self-assembly parcel delivery, along with a video guide showing how the seat is assembled and used. Assembly takes approximately 45 minutes and we recommend having two able bodied people to complete the installation.

Alternatively, we can deliver the lift fully assembled via courier - the user then only needs to unbox and move the lift into position. The lift is heavy and we recommend having able-bodied help with bringing the lift inside and locating it securely. Please get in touch for a quotation.

We also offer a nationwide delivery service with the help of our courier partners - this will provide a complete in-home assembly service including the removal of all packaging. Please get in touch with your postcode for a quotation.

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