We are permitted by HMRC to give VAT relief on your order of a riser recliner chair under condition that the chair is used for personal or domestic use and that the user has a chronic illness or disabling condition.

Consequently, the prices shown for riser recliner chairs on our website exclude VAT. To qualify for this price you will need to sign and return a VAT relief declaration to us. If you need help determining if you qualify please call us on 0800 644 5064. You will not qualify simply by being elderly, nor can you qualify with a temporary impediment such as a broken limb.

Ways to complete your VAT Relief Self Declaration

Electronic Signature

Electronically sign your declaration with our digital signing partner SignEasy.
Use the link below to sign up for an account, and then submit the form online. It only takes a couple of minutes and guarantees the form is received and processed quickly.



Download the form in PDF format and print at home. Once completed please return to us in the post at the following address:

PO BOX 4333




Request a POSTAL Form

The above methods are the fastest way to complete your declaration, but if you struggle with these we can post a form for you to complete and return to us. Simply fill in the form below to request a set of forms be posted to you.




House Name or Number:

Address Line 1:

Address Line 2:

Town or City:



Message (optional):

Why we need your signed forms.

HMRC provides VAT exemption for mobility aids on the condition that we store copies of the declarations for tax purposes. All forms are designed to hold the minimum amount of information as required by HMRC according to their templates and are securely processed and stored by Morris Living. Your information is never used, sold or shared for any purpose other than those required by HMRC.
Without the form we are unable to provide our products without charging VAT.

Benefits of completing your form.

Providing you are eligible, completing your form means we do not need to charge you VAT. This helps improve cash flow when purchasing a new riser recliner or mobility aid.

Your signed VAT declaration completes the transaction and enables us to active your five year structural warranty on new Riser Recliner chairs.

Completing your form as soon as possible enables us to get your new chair to you quicker. Offering peace of mind and getting you comfortable as quickly as possible.

Please note if you do not qualify and place an order we will need to either charge the additional VAT or cancel your order.
VAT declarations or VAT payment must be received in order to complete your purchase and activate your five year warranty on Riser Recliner chairs.

For further guidance please see the notes on the HMRC website:

HMRC VAT Relief Guidance (opens in a new window)


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