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5 Reasons Elderly People Are Using A Riser Recliner Chair

riser recliner chair

1. Increases Your Mobility

Thousands of people suffer aches and pains getting in and out of their normal chairs. 

A Riser Recliner will gently raise you from a reclined or seated position to standing (and vice-versa). Less mobile users will no longer need to rely on assistance.

You’ll also be able to move more freely in a riser chair. This will prevent stiff joints and increase strength which will reduce pain and help prevent falls.

riser recliner chair

2. You Maintain Your Independence

Difficulties with mobility unfortunately hinder our independence.

A riser recliner will give you total control of your actions. The easy to use controls allow activities to be carried out alone and without the aid of carers.

This empowers you, aids your mobility and increases your ability to stay independent. It also reduces the risk of health issues (pressure sores, back pain, swelling) and potential falls associated with everyday chairs.

riser recliner chair

3. Improves Your Circulation

Sitting down for long periods can lead to swelling and circulation issues. Especially if your legs are lower than the rest of your body.

A riser recliner will allow you to keep your legs raised. This will aid circulation and reduce swollen ankles/calves.

riser recliner chair

4. Reduces Risk Of Pressure Sores

Sitting or lying in one position for long periods of time can cause painful pressure sores on the skin.

A riser recliner allows you to move freely around (unaided) with just a press of the button. Meaning you can change position when required to relieve pressure and ensure you stay comfortable.

riser recliner chair

5. Superior Levels Of Comfort

If you spend a significant amount of time sitting in your chair, it needs to be comfortable!

Riser recliners are built for their superior comfort. Whether you’re watching tv, reading a book, eating or sleeping, the chair can be adjusted from the easy to use controls to suit your posture.

''I always struggled getting out of low settees and chairs. Since buying a riser recliner from Morris Living I can get up and down without any help. My joints feel healthier and I've got my independence back again''

Dave - Morris Living Customer

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