Choose Ultimate Comfort and Select Your Own Style with the Midwest Mix and Match Range

Choose Ultimate Comfort and Select Your Own Style with the Midwest Mix and Match Range

When you choose a new recliner seat, just because you are choosing the most comfortable type of seat does not mean that you should have to compromise on style. At Morris Living, we supply stylish furniture that can be tailored to our consumers’ individual choice and to suit their home interior.

The Midwest Mix and Match range gives consumers complete control over the design of the seat, with up to 60 different options to choose from. The modern, striking designs have genuine leather finishes and you can choose either matching or contrasting top and base.

Options include leather, aluminium or wooden base to complement the room and interior. There are three stunning styles of chair to choose from in this range:


This design features a luxurious leather finish with three horizontal padded sections on the seat back. This design is considered to be the more traditional option.



The Indiana design has a stylish finish including four vertical sections for the top part of the seat. This design offers an extremely comfortable padded seat back and you can choose from five base styles.



Another variation on the design, the Dakota has two vertical sections making up the top of the recliner, which gives the seat a more modern look.


 All of the Midwest Mix and Match range come with a matching footstool to provide an extra level of comfort and postural support.

The Midwest Mix and Match range has demolished the perception that recliner seats have to look dated. These modern designs comprising of genuine leather, added to the wide range of choices on colour and base materials, mean that you can choose the most comfortable type of seating in the exact style that you like.

With so many different styles, colours and bases to choose from, taking a look at the different combinations on the websites will help you to decide which is the most suitable for your home.

Maybe you want a bold piece of colourful furniture to stand out in the room, or you want a colour and base that will blend seamlessly with your existing interior design?

Whichever style approach you are looking for, Morris Living can help you to find your perfect recliner seat from the Midwest Mix and Match range.

View the different style choices for the range on the website now.

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