Why Everyone Should Have a Swivel Recliner Chair

Why Everyone Should Have a Swivel Recliner Chair

Choosing furniture is a very important decision, as it will have a huge impact on both the look of your home and your comfort. Buying poor quality seating can cause postural problems, so whenever you are choosing new seating, you should prioritise your comfort.

A swivel recliner chair offers optimum comfort and there are several additional benefits of choosing this type of seating for your home. Read on below to hear of jus some of the reasons why everyone should have a swivel recliner chair and footstool from Morris Living.

Posture support

When you are sitting for long periods, such as when you are watching TV, having good postural support is important for your long-term health. A swivel recliner chair provides excellent support to your joints and back, thus eliminating chances of having pain or stiffness from sitting for too long/in the wrong chair. If you do find yourself suffering with postural pain, try these exercises as recommended by the NHS here.

Variety of designs

There are so many different types of swivel chair designs that you are spoilt for choice in terms of fabric and colours. Due to the extensive choice of designs, you can select a swivel chair that perfectly complements your existing interior décor, or you can create a new look to a room by choosing a modern swivel chair design. Here at Morris Living, our swivel chair collection extends to faux and genuine leather and an array of luxuriously beautiful fabrics. Shop the entire collection of swivel recliner chairs here.

The Midwest Mix and Match range at Morris Living is one that shows you the extent of how unique you can make your swivel recliner chair, including different design options, a choice of wooden, aluminum or genuine leather base. You also have a choice of four stunning colours and different upholstery tops to suit your preference.

The Kansas is a more traditional style, while the Indiana and Dakota offer luxurious modern designs, with the flexibility to choose exactly how you want your swivel chair to look.


Recliner chairs provide a high level of comfort, as you can recline the chair into the position that provides the right type of support to make you feel most comfortable. You have complete control, and you can quickly adjust the position to increase your comfort at any time.

Better circulation in your legs

All swivel recliner chairs from Morris living come with an accompanying footstool for optimum support and comfort.  A stool allows you to raise your feet and improve the circulation in your legs and relieve stress in your legs and lower back. To find out more about the benefits of using a footstool, we recommend you read this article from Kensington here.

More practical

Swivel chairs are practical in many ways because you can easily change direction to make it easier to get up or reach for an item that is on a table nearby. Many of them are also very lightweight compared to bulkier items of furniture. This makes it easier to move them if you want to hoover underneath, or if you want to have a change around in the room to place the chair somewhere different.


Swivel recliner chairs are also more affordable than many people expect and can be much cheaper compared to buying a sofa.

To benefit from all the advantages of having a swivel recliner chair, take a look at our stunning Midwest Mix and Match range to find your perfect chair to suit your resting requirements and the interior needs of your home.

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