Dave Wishes He’d Bought a Recliner Chair Sooner: Here’s Why

Dave Wishes He’d Bought a Recliner Chair Sooner: Here’s Why

Like many retired people, Dave worked for many years doing a job that was putting physical pressure on his body. As a HGV driver for his whole career, sitting and driving for long hours took its toll on his neck, back, hips and shoulders. He also used to move heavy pallets, which also put extra pressure on his body.

Jobs that involve sitting in the same position might not seem as physically demanding as jobs involving constant physical exertion but sitting in a vehicle or at a desk repeatedly for years can cause chronic pain and long-term injuries.

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Now that Dave is retired, he does not have to worry about climbing into the HGV cab anymore. He gets to spend more time with his grandchildren and do hobbies such as gardening and DIY. However, he has found it increasingly difficult to sit comfortably due to the long-term effects of his job.

He was finding it hard to get up off the settee and was experiencing aches and pains when sitting watching TV. He spoke to his doctor who recommended looking into some seating options that would help to relieve pain and increase his mobility.

After doing a little bit of research and reading some reviews, he found that Morris Living was highly recommended on TrustPilot. Dave was pleased to discover that Morris Living has a wealth of comfortable seating options and that he also qualified for a VAT free price due to his back problems.

Dave had a look on the Morris Living website to find out all of the benefits of the different styles and functions of the recliner chairs that were available. There were a number of chair designs that addressed all Dave’s priorities – great neck support, electric foot rest and some even had an integrated heat and massage function!

When Dave had spoken to other companies supplying recliners, he felt that they were trying to pressurise him into letting a salesman come round and convince him to buy their most expensive products. Dave just wanted a hassle-free way to buy exactly what he wanted and he found all of the information he needed to make his decision on the Morris Living website.

Another benefit of choosing Morris Living was that all orders come with the option of a home installation, rather than parcel delivery. He placed his order, with a delivery/installation date within two weeks. Two weeks later, Dave was enjoying the most comfortable seat he’d ever sat in and he didn’t even have to worry about getting rid of his old seat, as Morris Living took it away for a small fee.

Since purchasing the recliner, Dave’s aches and pains have reduced and his mobility has improved. Dave’s only regret is not buying the recliner sooner!

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