Style Series – Transform Your Room with a Stunning Piece of Furniture

Style Series – Transform Your Room with a Stunning Piece of Furniture

A carefully selected piece of furniture can transform a room, whether it is a stylish table or an attractive recliner chair. In our Style Series, we are introducing a piece of furniture in each blog that could be the perfect addition to your home.

Introducing….. The Cairo Swivel Recliner Chair

In this blog, we focus on the Cairo Swivel Recliner Chair and Footstool. The chair offers the best of both worlds; comfortable seating that supports your posture, while bringing a new aesthetic dimension to the room.

The timeless piece of furniture exudes luxury, coming in our beautiful grey Lisbon fabric. According to Country Living, grey has been the most popular furniture colour of 2021. They state that grey is “infinitely versatile” and can be “adapted for almost any home”.

Our Cairo chair boasts durable material, so you will get many years of enjoyment out of the chair. The soft padding and ability to recline the chair and put your feet up helps you to relax and relieves pressure off your joints.

The Cairo Swivel Recliner Chair is available in a few different colours and fabrics to complement your personal interior decoration, including charcoal, cherry, chocolate, and cream. As well as Lisbon fabric, you can choose a faux leather cover if you prefer.

The grey Lisbon fabric is very popular with customers who are buying a chair to modernise the room and the style will not go out of fashion. When you are choosing a piece of furniture, the size of the room and available space will be a major factor in the decision. You want to select a piece of furniture that is well-proportioned in the room, rather than making the room feel smaller if it is crammed in.

How to create a timeless interior

When you are buying a recliner chair, you will have it for many years so it is particularly important to choose a style that will suit any décor changes that you make. The grey Cairo chair is therefore an ideal option to ensure your room remains stylish.

If you want to then incorporate new style trends, you can do so with accent pieces that are easier to change, such as tableware, lamps, and cushions. If you want to achieve a timeless interior, neutral palettes such as greys, whites and beiges are the best colours for decorating with, while adding colour through artwork or bright coloured cushions can help you change things up according to the season or trends.

If you are considering which furniture will help you to achieve a timeless style, the Cairo is one of the furniture pieces that we highly recommend. Look at our full range here to see the available colours and fabric choices to help transform your room.

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