The best way to clean your leather furniture

The best way to clean your leather furniture

The best way to clean your leather furniture

Investing in a leather chair is a sizable investment, so you’ll want to get the most out of it. Learning how to care for a leather chair and other furniture the right way is an essential part of helping your furniture look newer for longer. Whilst we would always recommend that you employ specialist cleaning services for any major spills or stains, there are a few things you can do (and not do!) to keep your leather looking as good as it can for years to come.

The Do’s:

1. Vacuum

The vacuum is often the most common go-to cleaning tool when it comes to a quick cleanse of your furniture. You should, however, use the flexible removal attachments to access all cracks and creases; and make sure you use a soft brush to vacuum the leather to keep the appearance of your fabric looking spick and span!

2. Use water

Leather can be wiped with a dry cloth to get rid of excess dust. Darker coloured leathers like brown and black, in particular, display dust easier than lighter coloured finishes. Looking to cleanse your sofa more thoroughly? A simple microfibre cloth dipped in warm water can remove dirt and dust quickly. Always wipe the furniture down afterwards with a dry cloth before you sit on it.

3. Remove scratches with the touch of a thumb

Little nail marks from you, the little ones, or even pets can leave a significant scratch on your couch. Luckily, we have a little technique to soften them out. Simply heat your thumb by breathing on it. Once it’s warm, gently rub the scratch to buff out the mark. As you will read below, you never want to use excess heat on your leather furniture!

 The Don'ts

1. Don’t use harsh chemicals

Leather is a natural material, so stay away from using harsh chemicals that you would normally reach for in your household such as alcohol detergents and vinegars. Chemicals can easily affect the colouring, texture, and durability of the material. If your leather furniture has got in bad condition, you may need to clean it with a leather specific cleaner. Just remember to always test out a small spot first, to ensure it won't harm your furniture.

2. Avoid Heat

Direct sunlight is harmful to your leather furniture, as it can dry out, stiffen and discolour the fabric. Therefore, Global Furniture Alliance recommends not placing your leather furniture in front of direct sunlight or near heat sources such as baseboard heaters, radiators, and fireplaces. If you must place your furniture in front of a window, it is best to place a stylish throw blanket over it. For this same reason, you should never use a blow dryer to dry out wet spots on your leather! In addition, it is best to keep your furniture away from electrical and gas appliances or open fires, as this too can dry it out.

3. Don’t use coloured cloths to wipe your leather furniture

It happens to the best of us, we spill a cup of tea or one of the kids gets their chocolate on the good furniture. Global Furniture Alliance has another useful tip to keep your furniture in its best shape. They recommend that you reach for an uncoloured cloth to avoid dye transferring to your leather chair.

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