Why Renting a Riser Recliner Could Be the Perfect Solution

Why Renting a Riser Recliner Could Be the Perfect Solution

Our extensive range of riser recliners is very popular and gives our customers many benefits, from providing physical support for standing up out of the chair to aiding blood circulation. However, not everyone needs to buy a riser recliner as a long-term option, as their circumstances may mean that they only require a riser recliner for a brief period.

Morris Living now offers a rental service for our single motor and dual motor riser recliner chairs with weekly payment plans starting at just £20 per week. There are many varied reasons why renting a may be a more suitable option.

Convalescing from an injury or fall 

When people have a fall and suffer injuries, having a chair with a rise and recline function for a few weeks or longer can provide them with physical support to help relieve any muscle or joint pains, by supporting some of the weight. After a few weeks, if the injuries have recovered and mobility is back to normal, this extra support is no longer required.

Another reason someone may opt to rent a riser recliner chair is after having an operation like a hip replacement or knee surgery.  Our new rental service means that your chair can be delivered, set up, dismantled, and picked up again when you are ready with no questions asked.

Cannot afford to pay upfront 

Paying for a riser recliner all in one payment is not manageable for everyone, so the flexibility to pay on a weekly basis instead can be the only way to get the mobility support needed from a riser recliner. Many people struggle with getting out of their chairs and standing up, but they just put up with it because they do not have an alternative option.

With our rental service, people can enjoy a better level of comfort and higher quality of life by using a riser recliner without paying upfront. We have made this service as affordable as possible which could save you hundreds of pounds in comparison to other suppliers in the UK.

Temporary living arrangements

In a situation where a relative temporarily moves in, either as a visitor for a brief time over the holidays or after an operation, having the option to rent a riser recliner can be ideal.

Another type of temporary living arrangement could be in a holiday home, where you are only staying for a few weeks or a few months each year, having a temporary riser recliner in the home would be more cost-effective than buying one outright when it is not getting used for large periods of time. Delivery takes between 2 and 14 days on average, so if you have an upcoming stay planned, we can ensure that your chair is ready for you to enjoy.

Coping with an end-of-life situation

Another type of circumstance that a rented riser recliner can be useful for is in an end-of-life situation, where the top priority is to be as comfortable as possible, and mobility may be limited. This also means that there is no need for a large upfront payment to buy a riser recliner and prepaid collection means that there are no large final fees, giving you peace of mind that you can care for a loved one without any added stress or financial pressure.

Extended trial

For people who are unsure whether a riser recliner is right for them and want to see the difference, it will make in their life, having a rented riser recliner for a trial period will help them to decide whether it is a worthwhile purchase. We understand that committing to purchasing a chair is a huge commitment, and so if you find that it is not for you, you have no worries of having wasted money on an item you will not use.

We have an excellent selection of rental riser recliner chairs at Morris living, including faux and genuine leather riser recliner options as well as a wide selection of fabrics. Browse our extensive range of available rental chairs now and give us a call on 0800 644 5064 to arrange your riser recliner rental.


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