Parents will thank you for recommending a riser recliner

Parents will thank you for recommending a riser recliner

Watching someone age is never easy. As your parents get older the relationship you have with them can change, usually with a gradual shift from them being the ones who provide support and advice to them, to adult children being the one who helps elderly parents to make decisions that are best for their welfare.

Everyone is different and some people will remain very active and independent up to a very late age, while others may need support earlier. Broaching topics with your parents may seem awkward to start with but if they know you are acting in their best interests, it will be easier to help guide them to decisions that should make their life easier.

Making changes can be a little daunting at first but when parents see the benefits of introducing different types of support, they should see how worthwhile the change is. If you can provide advice and recommendations on solutions that will help to improve their quality of life and allow them to have independence for longer, your parents will be very grateful.

How a riser recliner benefits people

As people get older, their muscles tend to get weaker, and other health issues might cause mobility issues. Fortunately, there is a wide range of support solutions available to help them to continue doing the things that they love and having their independence. For example, many people start to use a walking frame or stick to support them when they are walking.

Other useful solutions include having a shower chair and a stairlift installed in their home if they need to get up and down the stairs. These support options enable older people to continue to live on their own for longer without moving into residential care, nursing homes, or moving in with a family caregiver.

A riser recliner chair is ideal for providing support for sitting down and standing up out of a chair, helping to ensure comfort as well as physical support. With an easy-to-use hand control, the chair can be positioned in the fully inclined position for an afternoon nap, as well as the standing and sitting support functions. There is also the option to have the footrest raised, which is great for improving blood circulation in the legs.

At Morris Living, we are proud to help our customers have a more comfortable life by using our riser recliners. We also provide flexible short-term options, such as renting a riser recliner instead of paying for the chair upfront. You can find out more about our rental service here.

What our customers say about us

We provide furniture that makes a big difference in people’s lives and our customers regularly get in touch with us to tell us how grateful they are for our services. We recently received an email from a very happy customer, Tom, who ordered a riser recliner for his father when he noticed his mobility declining.

Tom said:

I recommended a riser recliner to my 74-year-old dad after seeing him struggling to get out of his old armchair due to his Parkinson's disease worsening. He was open to the idea of seeing how they worked and after sending him a video and the details from the Morris Living website, he was sold. There were lots of designs, so we found one that matched my parents’ existing furniture.

He is delighted with the new chair which has made things so much easier for him. I never thought he would be interested in the massage and warming functions, but he loves those too.

The delivery was very smooth, and the delivery men were polite, gave him a demo, and cleared away all the packaging. It is reassuring to know this has made life a bit less of a struggle for him, especially as I live some distance from my parents. Our only frustration is that we did not get one a few years ago.”

 This is just one example of the glowing feedback we continue to receive regularly from people who see the huge value our riser recliners can add to their lives and the lives of their parents.

Choosing the right riser recliner

 At Morris Living, we have a huge selection of riser recliner designs to choose from, with a choice between single and dual motor chairs, a choice of different fabric types and colours, and the option to rent a riser recliner if you want to trial the use before buying it.

Our helpful team at Morris Living can provide you with all the expert advice you need to choose the right riser recliner for your parents or elderly relative and you can make a big difference in their life.

Browse our entire range of riser recliners here to find the perfect option for providing comfort, physical support, and prolonged independent living.

Order before 31 March 2022 and you can also claim our Mother’s Day discount, just enter the code MOTHER2022 at checkout for 10% off one-time purchase products. For some inspiration on what to buy for the mother figure in your life this year, read our Mother’s Day gift-guide here.

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