What are the functions of a riser recliner chair?

What are the functions of a riser recliner chair?

Riser recliner chairs (sometimes known as rising and recline chairs) are a great choice of furniture with many benefits. However, not all riser recliners offer the same features. The purpose of a riser reclining chair is to support mobility by providing a rising and reclining function to help people to sit down and stand up easily and of course, sit comfortably.

Modern riser recliners are created using advanced technology that smoothly adjusts the chair position, with many designs being operated by using a simple hand-held control. At Morris Living, our range of riser recliner chairs comes in two available options: a single or dual motor. We have found that dual motored riser chairs offer maximum comfort to our customers.

Recently, we visited one of our lovely customers, Dave who told us about the difference a riser recliner chair made to his life. After retiring, Dave found that his career as a lorry driver had taken its toll on his body. After visiting his GP, Dave was advised to buy himself a comfortable chair, one that helped him to stand up and sit down without straining himself which he had been previously doing. The full video testimonial can be watched here.

The dual-motor design provides a wider range of positions, using separate motors to operate the back and footrest. With a single dual riser recliner, the controls adjust both the back and footrest at the same time.

The dual-motor chair designs usually cost more as there are more functions. Subsequently, there are fewer controls on the single motor models, so for some customers, they are easier to use. We recently published a blog post that delves deeper into the fundamental differences between a dual and single motor riser recliner chair, which can be read here.

We would recommend familiarising yourself with the features of both types of riser recliner chairs so that you can make the correct choice for you and your circumstances. Everyone has different budgets, preferred styles, and functionality desires. 

The bulk of predominantly seen features in most riser recliners on the market are:

The Rising Feature

The main functionality of the riser recliner is the mechanical support for helping people to move from a sitting to a standing position. People with medical conditions such as arthritis or COPD and people with mobility issues or chronic pain often struggle to get up from their chairs. Therefore, increasing control is extremely useful. When you push the ‘standing’ button, the back of the chair, the seat, and the footrest will all adjust from the sitting position to a standing position in one smooth movement.

The Sitting Feature

For people who require some support for moving from a standing position to a sitting position, the button that controls ‘sitting’ will support the person by slowly lowering them downwards into the chair to a comfortable seated position. Many customers have also found that the lumbar support of a riser recliner in addition to the supportive headrest has reduced and prevented back pain. This blog post by Adjustamatic does a great job of explaining how this works.

The Reclining Feature

Most dual motor riser recliner chairs will recline back fully which allows the user to lie comfortably in the supine position. This makes it ideal for someone who may want to have a short nap. Rather than getting up and going to bed, which can be difficult for some without the support of another person, they can fully recline the chair for maximum comfort. At Morris Living, we always include a photograph of the chair in its most reclinable position so check these if you wish to lie flat.

The reclining functionality is often helpful for individuals who have recently had surgery and are advised to lie down as opposed to sitting up. If you are someone who requires a riser recliner chair for a short period, we now offer a rent a riser service that allows you to rent a riser recliner chair for as little as £20 per week. Check it out here.

Put Your Feet up!

In addition to having the option to put the chair into a reclined setting, you can adjust the backrest and footrest to raise your legs. Putting your feet up can help to increase blood circulation around the legs by elevating them. With a dual motor riser recliner chair, you can adjust the footrest on its own and keep the backrest at your chosen angle.

Additionally, many recliners also come with side pockets that can hold things like your remote control, newspaper, and glasses case. This can eliminate the need for a side table that can sometimes act as a tripping and fall hazard for those who already struggle with mobility issues or conditions that affect balance and coordination such as low blood pressure.

You can choose from a wide range of different designs and materials depending on your taste and the level of softness you are looking for. Morris Living has a huge range of riser recliner chairs to choose from, including options of faux and real leather riser recliners and fabric choices.

View our full range of riser recliners on our website to find the ideal choice for you.

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